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05 February 2015

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Oliver- Hello / How are you? English Lyrics
Senin, 27 Januari 2014 | 1:28 AM | 0 comments

Hello, lagi ngga tau mau ngapain. Aku mau post lirik lagunya oliver aja deh. Suka banget sama vocaloid yang satu ini. Especially this song.. always cheered me up!

English lyrics:

I opened the window and softly whisper out to the world
How are you?
The room is empty and I’m all alone
The sun is rising and the rain is pouring down again
Somebody please come back and wind me up today
Hello, I remember an old cartoon a story with a happy end
How are you?, It made me jealous everyone was loved by someone else
Sleepin’, Enough with the silly daydream I have to get ready soon
Cryin’, So I can hide the evidence of my tears
Now I look my shoulders and just say “oh well”
And I remember what you said to me yesterday
“Well I don’t ruin have any hope for you anymore”
Well, come on, it’s not as if I have very many expectations for my future either
But I wonder why you bothered to bring it up
Honest words fill my throat just waiting to be set free
But everything that comes out of my mouth is a lie
And this is how I live, just wasting all my precious words
Again today I’ll stay quiet and just keep living on
Tell me why you keep silent and hide it all
Is it because you’re too afraid of someone laughing?
Is it true that all you want is just to be for yourself?
Is that how you really feel?
I’m drowning on a sea of maybes and what ifs
it’s getting harder and harder to breathe
And now all I wanna do is to hear your voice
I know I’m not that strong.. ah ah..
I try to get ready for the rest of my day but,
my head feels fuzzy and I can’t get anything done
I think maybe I should make up an excuse and stay home
Oh, come on, I know that won’t work
I just wanted to say something to break the silent
I know, I know so please don’t  be too mad at me
Whether I’m happy, whether I’m unhappy
Justly, cruelly, the sun is always rise
I have my hands full, just trying to make it through the day
Now tell me, how much more do you expect from me?
Tell me why you keep everything to yourself?
Do you really want to be loved?
Which one of us had given up first?
Have you figured it out yet?
If there’s a time card for the life I lived
then I wonder what time mine ends?
And who will pay the salary, for the span of my life
Ah ah…
Thank you, I just want to tell you how grateful I am
Thank you, I just want to tell you how thankful I am
Thank you, it’s okay if it’s only this one time
From the bottom of my heart I want to cry out to tell you exactly how I really feel so thank you!
Tell me why you keep silent and hide it all?
Do you really want to be heard?
I promise I won’t laugh at you so why don’t you talk?
Why don’t you talk to me?
No one will ever understand you if you never speak up
Your unvoiced thoughts aren’t just loud enough to hear
It’s troublesome but after all we’re only human
You and I and the whole world

Ah ah
Hello, how are you? (3x)
I say to you, Hello, how are you?
ah ah

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